Upcoming Festivals in Canada

Canada has many festivals happening in 2022 to lift the spirits of the community in the new year with positivity. The events on this list include festivals dedicated to both kinds of music, traditional celebrations, seasonal changes, and much more. Here we will look at where to attend these festivals and when they are taking place.

Winterlude – 31 January – 17 February 2020

This is a three-week festival celebrating the winter. The festival happens annually, with Canadians indulging in all the activities and positive spirit of the celebration. The festival is seen as a carnival of ice, ice sports, art, and cheerful music.

The festival usually takes place at the Rideau Canal Skateway and is a unique experience to skate the largest skate rink in the world.

Canada Day Celebrations – 1 July 2022

This annual event is one of the proudest festivals Canada has to offer. It’s celebrated throughout the country by Canadians and travellers to the country. Fireworks and locally brewed beer are in abundance throughout the festival to celebrate Canada.

Celebration of Light – 25 July, 29 July, and 1 August 2022

The Celebration of Light is an extravaganza of fireworks and music that usually takes place annually in the period between July and August. The festival runs for a week in which fireworks experts from three countries compete, providing the best fireworks experience with musical performances.

Montreal Jazz Festival – 25 June – 4 July 2022

Montreal Jazz Festival is one of the largest jazz music festivals in the world and stands as a carnival of jazz music. The ten-day jazz festival takes place in the city of Montreal and hosts over 20 stages for performances by professional jazz musicians from around the world. The attendance of the festival has previously drawn millions of people from around the world.

Follow these events and festivals in 2022 by booking a ticket with friends or family members today.

Upcoming Festivals in Canada
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