How to Obtain a Raffle License for a Charity Event

Charitable gambling and gaming events have long been one of the most popular ways of raising funds for charities and communities in need. Raffles are seen as one of the easiest ways of raising funds, but anybody looking to hold a raffle for charity will need to obtain a license. Holding a raffle for charities without a license is illegal in Canada.

Online casinos such as BitStarz have also taken part in charity events organised by charitable organisations such as the AskGamblers charity event. They promote responsible gambling, and a world where players can have fun online and win real cash.

Throughout Canada, only charitable organisations are allowed to apply for these licenses. Organisations and businesses can also run through charitable organisations if they want to help those in need with a raffle.

Although Canada does not have a set of rules running throughout the country, each province does have their own set of rules to follow with charity raffles.

In Ontario, for example a charitable organisation must be in existence for at least one year before applying and must be set in Ontario. Throughout Canada, it is also important that any organisation that wants to host a raffle needs to provide proof that they will be using the profits for charities that will benefit their community.

The consequences of running raffles without a license in Canada are punishable by law and should be avoided. In Canada, anybody failing to prove they have a license to host a raffle or other gambling events for charity will have to pay a fine.

Licenses can easily be obtained through the government via online applications. The Department of Justice and Public Safety is seen as being responsible for issuing the licensing of charitable lottery schemes and raffles in Canada and making it easily accessible for charitable organisations.

How to Obtain a Raffle License for a Charity Event
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